SUBKUJ started with an aim to help your business explode globally through the web, SUBKUJ is an online marketing and advertising co. helping the business people of any type to explode their business globally, you might be a shop holder, dealer. running institutions or industry, SUBKUJ is ready to provide you the best services at all time possible , there is one saying in sanskrlt “Think globally act locally” let your imagination bloom, think of your services reach throughout the world, let everyone be beneļ¬ted by your services on this planet earth, if you are dareto imagine this, then SUBKUJ is ready to help you in this regard, SUBKUJ is givingyou the opportunity to explode your business globally because advertisement on Internet means showing your business to the world, there are many modes of advertising via news paper, magalines, etc. or by means of directly distributing pamphlets, leaflets or oonducting exhibitions or by digital media via television or rad lo but these are limited in their respect we cannot reach to everyone. Internet is a media through which we can reach to everyone and in this information age advertisement on web is became a common tool to explode business globally; anybody can become aware of your business by just typing key words on web.

So, come let’s join hands, and become a part of success globally.